Real-time print & apply system for front and side label application on static product. The system is associated with a 4-to-6-inch wide print engine, capable of printing barcodes, images and variable data.


  • Applicator case in stainless steel
  • Autonomous power supply independent of the printer
  • Applicator control logic board based on microcontroller
  • Color 4,3″ TFT LCD touch panel (480 x 272 pixel); IP65 for applicator diagnostics and parameter setting  (optional, 7″)
  • Stroke linear actuator 600 up to 1050 mm; 4 guiding rods mounted on recirculating ball bearings
  • Rotary actuator for 90 ° movement of the applicator plate
  • Short stroke linear actuator
  • Applicator plate mounted on spring compensator columns
  • Optical fiber for detecting label on plate
  • Contact proximity to stop piston stroke
  • Outside work area micro applicator
  • Dust filter with reducer and pressure gauge for air supply
  • Reel holder group:  external diameter 250 mm; internal diameter 40 mm
  • Stop & go rewinding unit with stepper motor and associated drive