2 emme s.r.l.

Since 1984, 2emme s.r.l. designs and creates marking and labeling systems.

2emme s.r.l. is a company that has been working in the labeling field for over 30 years, with reliability and professionalism.

2emme s.r.l. designs, produces and sells:

  • Labeling equipment for automatic application of self-adhesive labels on cases, boxes, cans, bottles, etc. to be inserted on existing packaging lines.
  • Print & Apply: Industrial machines for printing and automatic application of self-adhesive labels on pallets, cartons, bundles, etc.
  • Complete systems for product transport and handling, with labeling and product identification stations.
  • Fully pneumatic automated labelers.

2emme s.r.l. also distributes:

  • Printers for self-adhesive labels, using both thermal and direct thermal transfer.
  • Related softwares.

2emme s.r.l. is also active on the market with products designed and manufactured for specific customer needs, as can be evinced from many installations for customers of both national and international importance, in various areas such as:
wood processing, beverage bottling, food producers, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing of household appliances, etc.

2emme s.r.l.'s technical staff is available to the customers to examine and implement the best solutions to any labeling problem that might arise.

Working with us

The company designs, produces and sells:

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